Jour 102 Notes 1

Jour 102 Notes 1 - other devices such as ipad and tablets....

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Media Literacy-Who wants what from you. Traditional Roles of Press: -Forum for popular, unpopular ideas: Getting new information out in the form of unpopular ideas ex. Blacks voting, owning land etc -Watchdog of the powerful -Advocate for “little guy” -Responsibility required of public trust -Inform, educate, and entertain 1800’s: Most papers were not fair and balance instead on one political side or another Citizen Journalism: All of the nontraditional or non academically trained people who report news in blogs, etc. Social Responsibility: Responsibility to come up with solutions to problems in society Small town newspapers and local television will always thrive because they are covering something that no one else will cover 47% get some or all of their local news from the Internet on their phone or
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Unformatted text preview: other devices such as ipad and tablets. Traditional news providers are still providing the news but in different ways such as blogs, video, twitter, Facebook, etc. Part 3: News Value: Proximity Timely Celebritiy Worship Culture: Talentless Celebs Conflict or Change Bizarre or unusual Crime or scandal Useful/how to and help Inverted Pyramid Most important 2 nd important more detail as you go down 3 rd important 4 th important 5 th important Detail and explanation in sentences Balance in 100 words Power Shifts Away-Newspapers must share power to afflict or comfort with other media: 47% list TV as main stream source of news, and about 30-35% each for NP, Radio, Internet-2008 Percentages Impact of Breaking News-Diversity of news outlets SOFTENS impact of breaking news...
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Jour 102 Notes 1 - other devices such as ipad and tablets....

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