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POLS 207 STATE AND LOCAL POLITICS Politics-managing conflicts, different interests Why states are different? Ethnicity-shifts in living/race State Political Culture- Influences in states effect politics in states 5 Major Issues that will make States liberal/conservative Gun Control- Big on gun control=liberal Abortion- restrict abortion=conservative Welfare big on welfare=liberal Taxation tax more for social programs=liberal Unionization bigger roles for unions=liberal States more liberal=coasts/north States more conservative= southern Cultural history can help determine liberal/conservatism Religion help explain why issues are liberal/conservative More attendance in religious activities is more conservative Less attendance more liberal Work on most policies will get done on state/local government States relationship with federal government=will not give money unless abide by what the government wants Issues States Handle Transportation-handle highways alcohol drinking laws determine highway funds Public Safety Physical Environment-Sanitation Civil Rights Taxation-Sales taxes-states and property taxes-local government (pays for education) Other Entities in the US Government -Common wealth -Territories Policy Diffusion -Worked in states therefore applied to Federal/National Government ex. No child left behind OR One states adopts policy soon all are adopting therefore nation/federal government adopt ex. Gay marriage or medical marijuana Discretion/Regional Differences in the law= Ignoring certain laws ex. California marijuana For the sake of national policies most representatives have to work at the center Wednesday, January 26
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Constitution: To constrict the government, to limit what government can do 3 Tears of powers The Constitution State Constrictions Local Law Major Things: Nothing can override the constitution States can add on to laws State constitutions have bill of rights-basic rights less power to government usually Every state constitution will have separation of powers Weak governors are governors who are not in the president’s political party 27 amendments first 10 are the bill of rights really only 17 in 200 years 4 Major ways to amend state constitution Legislature Proposal-pass something and citizens can vote it up or down Popular Initiative-people sign petition to get issue on ballot Constitutional Convention-Approval from citizens for convention, amends, and then gets approved again Constitutional Commission-Committee meets to suggest amendments Democracy-Demoes-of the people cratic-from the pe Direct Democracy-Everyone votes on every issue Arguments for: Makes government more responsive and accountable It allows citizens to bring issues directly to the people Stimulates debate about policies Stimulates voter interest 3 Tools of Democracy: Petition Referendum-Approved by citizens before voted on Republicanism/Representative Democracy-Elect representatives to make decisions for us Arguments for: The majority of people don’t know enough to make correct or informed decisions
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