Hill reaction report - 1-10-05Using the Hill Reaction in...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-10-05Using the Hill Reaction in Isolated Chloroplasts to Explore the Rate of Reactions at Varying ConditionsObjectives:In this experiment we varied reaction mixtures and measured the absorbance in the spectrophotometer. The variables in part one of our experiment was to test possible inhibitors of the Hill reaction. We tested the inhibitors by using four different tubes, one with ammonia, one with DCMU, and the other two as controls. In part two of our experiment, we measured the affect of distance from a light source on the rate of the Hill reaction. The goal of these experiments was to explore a few of the variables that affect the Hill reaction and learn how the photo system works.Table 1:Experiment 1TimeTube1234510.55820.8150.5540.4040.2890.1630.0330.5590.1910.0080.0050.0020.00240.6030.5880.5810.5740.570.561Table 2Experiment 2Tube12345Intensity10.6290.3070.1830.1080.1080.1010.0120.5970.3140.1390.090.0640.0320.002530.4090.2170.10.0160.010.0080.001111-10-05Experiment 1: Graph 1Change in Absorbance Over Time0. (min)Change in AbsorbanceTube 2Tube 3Tube 4Experiment 2: Graph 2Change in Absorbance vs. Time0. (min.)Change in Absorbance10 cm 20 cm30 cm21-10-05...
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/05/2008 for the course BIOL 4177 taught by Professor Pike during the Spring '08 term at East Tennessee State University.

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Hill reaction report - 1-10-05Using the Hill Reaction in...

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