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Sebald and Kentridge - Seth Braunstein Professor Monroe...

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Seth Braunstein Professor Monroe Intro to Judaism Multidirectional Memory and Connections On April 28 th , I attended Michael Rothberg’s lecture on multidirectional memory and the implicated subject: on Sebald and Kentridge. Michael Rothberg is an English professor at the University of Illinois and focuses in the studies of the Holocaust, genocide, and memory. Michael Rothberg dedicated this lecture to the discussion of W.G. Sebald, a German writer and academic, and William Kentridge, the South African artist known for his animated films. Summary Sebald found himself faced with two problems, how to think about the Holocaust in translation of all memory and how to think of events not categorized to necessarily “one zone”. Sebald wanted to explain how we remember specific events in history, even those that we did not personally experience, based on its implications towards other events. He turned to multidirectional memory, which is a way of thinking about memory, when different historical memories come into contact or conflict with each other. For example, the thoughts of slavery and the Holocaust to those who weren’t involved or directly connected to either come into memory in very similar contexts. The uninvolved person is the implicated subject who feels directly connected to those memories in which they didn’t actually experience; they are bystanders, children or relatives who were strongly impacted by these moments in history despite their absence from it. The basis of this implication lies within various modes of
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Sebald and Kentridge - Seth Braunstein Professor Monroe...

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