Jewish Museum - Tell your children about it, and let your...

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“Tell your children about it, and let your children tell theirs, and their children the next generation,” Joel 1.3 Voices: Jewish History and identity rest in four fundamental themes—covenant, exodus, law and land—which are expressed in in the Biblical quotations on the following four stones. Covenant: The covenant is an agreement of exclusive commitment and responsibility between God and the people of Israel. Made in Sinai, during the exodus from Egypt, the covenant establishes a reciprocal relationship. God will guide the Israelites and they will fulfill their obligations as described in the law. The covenant helped give the Israelites an identity as a distinct people and has been a vital bond for Jews to their God and to each other. Every Generation reaffirms and reconsecrates the Covenant. Exodus: The biblical book of exodus relates how Moses led the Israelites out of enslavement by the Egyptian Pharoah and brought them through the Sinaiwilderness to Canaan, the promise land. Their shared ordeal and triumph made the Israelites into a people and forged a sense of community that was experienced on many levels—physical, political, national, spiritual . Moses’ plea to Pharoah “Let my people go,” echoes through time, not only in Jewish ritual but in the cries of the oppressed throughout the world. Law: The Law is a guide to the righteous life and binds Jews both to God and to each other. At Mount Sinai, the Israelites accepted the code of law, introduced the torah, as part of the covenant of God. Since, generations of rabbis and sages have studied these statues. The
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Jewish Museum - Tell your children about it, and let your...

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