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Jewish Museum actual essay

Jewish Museum actual essay - Seth Braunstein Lauren Monroe...

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Seth Braunstein Lauren Monroe Intro to Judaism Jewish Museum Summary The Jewish Museum, located in New York City, is devoted to the understanding and preservation of the history and traditions of the Jewish people. The Jewish museum uses art and artifacts to display the rich history and diversity of the Jewish people going from ancient times through the present. The Jewish Museum was broken into historical, chronological sections going from God’s covenant with the Jewish people all the way through current problems of anti-Semitism worldwide. Dating back to the beginning of Jewish history there were four fundamental themes; covenant, exodus, law and land. A Covenant can be used to mean a marital relationship, agreement between parties, or peace treaty between countries. However, in Jewish history, the covenant is used to express the exclusive commitment and responsibility between God and the Jewish people. This covenant is the reciprocal agreement that He is the God of the Jewish people through thick and through thin, and that he will guide the Israelites to the promise land. In return they will oblige His law and warship to only one God. This is an important and distinct part of Jewish history because it lays the framework for endless future generations to share with one another, in the religion of Judaism. The Exodus, which is one of the five books of the bible, describes how Moses and Aaron led the Israelites out of bondage and slavery from Egypt with the help of God who
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brought them to the promise land. This 400-year struggle out of slavery into Canaan brought the Jewish people together and sealed their identity as God’s chosen people. The Law is passed down from God to the Jewish people and is an essential part of the covenant between God and the Jews. He has given them laws to follow in exchange for his unconditional commitment to them as His people for all of eternity. At Mount Sinai, after God led the Jews out of Egypt, they accepted the code of law and introduced the Torah as part of the covenant with God. This law addresses all aspects of Jewish life from religious obligations, to criminal acts, and personal relations with God and other Jews. The Land refers to the promise land when God led the Israelites out of Egypt and into the land of Canaan, which would later become Israel. This land had been special to Judaism throughout history, originally just through stories and memories of festivals and rituals, but after God leads the Jews out of Egypt he gives them this land to be that of the Israelites for the rest of history.
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