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Reflection Paper - A Film Unfinished 2010 directed by Yael...

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A Film Unfinished, 2010, directed by Yael Hersonski 1) I attended the movie “A Film Unfinished”, directed by Yael Hersonski in 2010. This film is based on the 60 minute uninterrupted raw footage filmed by the Nazis called “Ghetto” made in Warsaw in 1942. This film was stashed away in a German Archive for many years until eventually in 1954 found by historians trying to piece together all of the facts of the Holocaust and the events that took place in the Warsaw Ghetto. “A Film Unfinished” presents this raw footage in its entirety with commentary to elaborate and explain about the different shots being filmed. Notes from the Movie: Summary of what I saw Purpose was to completely stage different events to show through propaganda what they wanted the world to see. Elegant Jews vs. those who were living in poverty to show no unity, and no heart by those who were wealthy. Whole point was to essentially annihilate the Jewish reputation in any and all ways possible, while at the same time making it look like the Germans in the ghetto treated them very well. Many different staged events with actors playing rabiis to show fake relationships with them gathering together, to show the Germans were tolerant of religion Used elegant objects such as flowers in Jews’ apartments, when in reality everyone was starving and “would’ve eaten the flowers” The Filmmaker was just told different inhumane things to film such as
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Reflection Paper - A Film Unfinished 2010 directed by Yael...

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