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Study guide readings - The Edict of Cyrus This passage is...

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The Edict of Cyrus: This passage is taken from the great “Cyrus Cylinder” and is written in the first person by Cyrus. Cyrus did a lot of good for his people and his kingdom, which he essentially recites in this passage. Cyrus entered Babylon and once he came to power as the Persian King he praised Marduk (a god) as his lord, and had all others worship him as well. Cyrus ensured peace in Babylon and “did not allow anybody to terrorize”. Cyrus brought relief to run down housing, and was rewarded by Marduk for his worship and loyalty. Marduk sent Cyrus and his son Cambyses “friendly blessings” as well as to the troops and all those who praised Marduk. Cyrus returned sanctuaries that had been in ruins for many years to their proper locations and established them as permanent sanctuaries. Cyrus also took “the inhabitants and returned (to them) their habituations” (He returned all different groups of people to their original homeland). Cyrus also returned all the gods
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