Final Paper Outline - (Simonetta 2009(Runge 2009(Tilman 1998(Wahlberg 2008(Briney 2010 Seth Braunstein Outline Causes for the Green

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(Simonetta, 2009) (Runge, 2009) (Tilman, 1998) (Wahlberg 2008) (Briney, 2010) Seth Braunstein Outline: Causes for the Green Revolution (Simonetta 2009): Overpopulation: Population began to grow since the Industrial revolution in the 1800s Reached 1 billion in the early 1800s, which began the potential of self destruction By 1960 the world population had tripled to 3 billion with signs of even further increase in growth rate The population doubled in the next 40 years and reached 6 billion by the millennium with the expectation of reaching 9.3 billion by 2050 There are many negatives caused by an increase in population aside from food security Increase in population puts rising pressure on families with more people to support, feed, clothe, shelter The more people on the planet the more natural resources being used up, we are exhausting the forests croplands and fisheries Other such problems are pollution of air, water and soil, depleting the ozone layer which is uses to protect us from sun (leading to global warming) The threat of global warming has already negatively affected us with droughts, deforestations, extinction, rising water levels The only solution for overpopulation is educating the world of the dangers that it brings, in hopes that people will reduce the growth of reproduction and be conscious of the negatives that overpopulation brings to the world
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Humans are a new species and still learning, so its important that everyone understands the adverse risks that overpopulation causes Considering education and other solutions have yet to slow down this growing problem, we need to look at ways toward dealing with it, through environmental education in order to avoid “catastrophic consequences” We are beginning to ruin the biological diversity for which life form exists, and we are creating even worse situations for ourselves With there being a difficulty feeding the world at a population at 3 billion, the projected growth rate caused fear to the world which caused the need for something greatness, something to save the day Green Revolution to the Rescue/Positives (maybe put them together): Farmers learned to use new fertilizers o Petrochemical based herbicides, insecticides, genetically improved plants (wheat, corn, rice) (Carlisle Ford Runge) o Massive diversions of water for irrigation mainly in China and South Asia (Carlisle Ford Runge) The new agricultural techniques created during the Green Revolution are based on the use of pesticides containing nitrogen (Tillman) The Green Revolution started in the 1940s with scientist Norman Borlaug developing a new disease resistant variety of wheat in the farms of Mexico Over the next 2 decades farmers were able to use these varieties of wheat with their own established agricultural technologies to produce a much larger quantity of wheat than ever before (Briney) Due to these enhancements, farming by 1960 had taken off and Mexico’s
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Final Paper Outline - (Simonetta 2009(Runge 2009(Tilman 1998(Wahlberg 2008(Briney 2010 Seth Braunstein Outline Causes for the Green

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