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Finding Cholita real summary - Seth Braunstein Professor...

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Seth Braunstein Professor Isbell Finding Cholita, by Billie Jean Isbell, is a fictionalized novel about poverty, war and achieving salvation. This novel takes place over throughout 1970-2000 about an anthropologist named Alice Woodsley who has studied in The Ayacucho villages in Peru for most of her life. This novel is written form the perspective of Alice, who spends the majority of her adulthood returning to Peru to search for her long lost goddaughter, Cholita. This novel uses Alice’s journey to find Cholita as a basis to tell the story of civil war, economic hardships, and corruption throughout Peru in the 20 th century. The novel begins with Cholita, Alice’s goddaughter as a young child living with her mother Juana and her “father” Romulo. Romulo is a former military man who became the director of education and is a member of the powerful elite upper class within Peru. He raped his female cook Juana, who then gave birth their illegitimate daughter Cholita. Romulo is the patriarch of the household and treats everyone as if they are below him by degrading them physically, sexually and emotionally. Alice is Cholita’s goddaughter and while working as an anthropologist, bears witness and records many of the horrific events that take place in this household. After Cholita’s mother Juana commits suicide by poisoning herself, Romulo performs an autopsy at the graveyard in front of her whole family in order to show off his dominance and play a joke with his military friends. Cholita, who was a very young girl at the time, was deeply disturbed and ran away from home for what seemed to Alice, like an eternity. The novel then flashes forward 20 years later as Alice returns to Peru on her annually visit in search for her long lost goddaughter Cholita. Alice’s path takes her throughout the rundown villages of Peru where she records many disheartening encounters amongst different
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locals. Alice meets strangers throughout Peru with different stories to tell, from a rape victim, to a cab driver that was ordered to murder two children during the war. Alice has been through these stories and felt the pain of these people so many times that it has started to wear on her, as
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Finding Cholita real summary - Seth Braunstein Professor...

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