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War: How does morality apply to war are we justified in fighting wars Jus ad bellum means justified resort to war o Only justified in fighting a defensive war, not justified if you are the aggressor Antother justification is to help out another weaker nation and fighting in their defense Jus in bello – means justice in conduct of war No killing in war is justified unless it’s a just war, so in order to even look at jus in bello then jus ad bellum needs to occur. Positions on moral rules of war Pacifist- killing in war is never justified Realism- morality doesn’t apply to war Just War theory- no war is ever justified unless its defensive Utilitarian Theory for War: Utilitariansm may work well from a higher up prospective in government for war, because war would only take place if it would maximize overall utility for most people in the world War is very bad for maximizing utility in general, so from a utilitarian
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Unformatted text preview: prospective it makes sense to try to end war as soon as possible, so we can justify any action that tends toward ending the war • Even our actions that do tend toward winning/ending the war cant involve more harm than what its worth o Problem with this is its impossible to apply this to the individual soldier who is experiencing war and doesn’t have time to process and analyze these theories on every decision and whether or not its acceptable to kill or take certain actions, therefore its not complete cause it does not give us guidance in the midst of war 201 873 7348 Absolutism (Kantian) • Nagel is not proposing this as a replacement to utilitarianism, but rather a way to restrict utilitarian reasoning • Nagels Big POINT: Hostile treatment of any person must be justified in terms of something about that person which makes the treatment appropriate (64)....
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