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capital punishment outline - Outline: Put together the...

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Outline: Put together the strongest Utilitarian Style case for Capital Punishment (using deterrence and Incapacitation) Overall Idea: I don’t need a reason why capital punishment should be abolished, as long as I can prove that it is not helping to prevent more murders or making any progress, and if its not helpful to society and not essential or necessary, than its obvious that the death penalty shouldn’t be the choice. If given the choice to kill or not to kill people, and killing wouldn’t necessarily help society or maximize utility than it would be outrageous for killing to be the natural option. People who would still say choose the death penalty anyway to be safe, because its our best bet and we might as well just get rid of all the murderers, are valuing the lives or of innocent people over criminals which is wrong, because all lives are valued the same and if death is not a solution to prevention of more crimes than it appears to me to be morally wrong and outrageous Deterrence: Page 713 is a great argument for my we should use capital punishment During the middle decades of this century a study showed that on average each execution resulted in 7 or 8 fewer murders Deterrence is the utilitarian justification for punishment because its increasing happiness by preventing others from committing crimes Deterrence’s purpose is to humilitate or punish someone severely as to deter them any others from ever committing that crime which naturally maximizes utility By killing those who have murdered they are forever deterred from killing again and the strongest possible message is being sent to others for the sake of their life. Killing is considered the most extreme crime and so it would call for the most extreme deterrence “the death penalty because of its severity and finality is more feared than imprisonment and deters some prospective murderers not deterred by the threat of imprisonment” (711) Utilitarianism is all about maximizing utility and happiness so according to utilitarianism it would just make sense to eliminate those who cause sadness and fear in society, which are the people who commit murder, so by killing them they are forever removed from any society in which they can cause any more suffering and damage which is the opposite of maximizing utility If you are a cold blooded killer you are going to continue committing
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capital punishment outline - Outline: Put together the...

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