Capital Punishment - Notes on Capital Punishment: Bedaus...

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Notes on Capital Punishment: Bedau’s justifications for punishment: Deterrence is utilitarian justification for punishment- increases happiness prevents other crime for being committed Deterrence is a horrible thing to someone who has committed a crime publicly as to deter people from committing that crime again, thus maximixing utility Incapacitation-if someone is a viscous murderer, you do something to prevent them from going around committing more murder, you incapacitate someone so you prevent them from doing those things, which prevents pain and suffering which is utilitarian Retributivism- is essentially an eye for an eye type punishment o Intuitive version and Kantian version o Intuitive notions are like an eye for an eye/get what you deserve o Kantian version is treating the person as they’ve willed to be treated by treating the person as end, or treating them to the situation they’ve put you in Reform (not mentioned by bedau) prison is called correctional facilities… reform is the attempt to help criminals to get better so that they could be placed back into society (not good for capital punishment,,, works against it) Mill: Absolutely for Capital Punishment not arguing for life in prison Eye for an eye type thing (Lex talionis) o Most impressive way to punish- Deterrence, it will scare the people the most (page 98) Most humane way to punish the criminal even though it doesn’t appear to be while it also a punishment which seems to be
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Capital Punishment - Notes on Capital Punishment: Bedaus...

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