Utilitarianism - Objections to Utilitarianism Hardwood LOOK...

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Objections to Utilitarianism –Hardwood LOOK AT FIRST PAGE OF HARDWOOD AND MILL PARAGRAPH 2 PRINCIPLE OF UTILITY Read through Hardwood and Mill to study for test… just think about what utilitarianism basically is and know some of the objections and responses to it to just have an overall basis. Format: Examples not from the literature but if we understand the topic and some problems with it, the answer should be obvious. Util: All about maximizing overall happiness Theory should tell us how to act for Util but if we cant then backtrack and realize that you should do what creates the most overall happiness We can reason as utilitarians some of the time… but not always so we should develop tendencies that in general maximize happiness so our tendencies correspond to maximizing happiness in any given situation It appears to be a rational thought and well reasoned but it can’t tell us what to do because if we actually act based on it then we aren’t acting based on our desires Objections to Mill/Utilitarianism: Mill claims morality alone is nothing more than maximizing happiness, so even if it goes against justice or anything its not immoral cause morality is just creating happiness OBJ: Too demanding Mill Response: Util as a criterion rather than a distinctive procedure (not actually always telling us what to do or else it is too demanding…its just a criterion something to guide with)it’s a flexible theory to just overall increase happiness and to avoid suffering and pain so produce more happiness and less of the other its just based on the basics and in those terms rather than potentially analyzing every sngle decision My response: what good is a moral theory if it doesn’t tell us what to do then…
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Utilitarianism - Objections to Utilitarianism Hardwood LOOK...

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