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Seth Braunstein Sean Stapleton FWS Essay 3 I believe that euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide is sometimes permissible but should absolutely not be legalized. It is morally permissible, would be great if people in a great deal of pain could be actively euthanized when it is proper and wanted by the person. Theoretically it’s a great idea and would make the world a much better place and could potentially take away a lot of pain and suffering in the world. Practically euthanasia can never happen or be legalized because the potential dangers of legalizing euthanasia outweigh its potential positives. Theoretical Euthanasia: The difference in the world between killing and letting die, also known as active vs. passive euthanasia In active euthanasia the person being euthanized would be given a painless lethal injection to end their pain and suffering In passive euthanasia, a person would simply not be treated and nature would just take it’s course Rachel makes a strong argument that active euthanasia is no worse than passive euthanasia because it is doing much more good for the patient During passive euthanasia a person potentially suffers for weeks or months before finally dying whereas a lethal injection or actively euthanizing them would take them out of their suffering and misery which is the whole point Rachel openly claims that as a society we permit letting die, and killing is of the same moral equivalence Callahan theoretically claims that each person has the right to self- determination and therefore it is up to the person whether or not they would like to be euthanized, but there is no difference morally between
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Euthanasia - Seth Braunstein Sean Stapleton FWS Essay 3 I...

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