The ethics of Killing analogy essay

The ethics of Killing analogy essay - Seth Braunstein Sean...

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Seth Braunstein Sean Stapleton The Ethics of Killing Analogies and Abortion There is much debate worldwide about whether or not a woman has the right to have an abortion. I believe that in most scenarios the embryo does not have a right to position itself within a woman and live there for nine months. In the situation where both the man and woman take all reasonable precautions against getting pregnant, the woman has absolutely no obligation to care for the embryo if somehow she still does get pregnant. The woman has a right to her own body and can take every action necessary to protect it against a parasitic embryo. The philosopher, Judith Thomson uses a few strong examples analogous to that of a couple who takes all precautions against having a baby but yet still does get pregnant. Thomson believes that in these situations abortion is completely acceptable because “the foetus is not a person from moment of conception” (Thomson 25-26). Thomson’s most accurate analogy is the hypothetical situation she creates with “people seeds”. In this analogy there are people seeds drifting around in the air, and if a seed slides into a woman it causes conception. In this analogy, a woman takes all-necessary precautions by closing off her windows with mesh screens, and every other reasonable precaution such that the people seed does not get her pregnant. However, if the people seed does somehow slide through, does this embryo or seed have the right to the live within the woman for the next nine months? I think not because the woman did everything she could to prevent pregnancy, and
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The ethics of Killing analogy essay - Seth Braunstein Sean...

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