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video4 - Video Assignment 4 The Secret of Photo 51 HONR217...

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Video Assignment 4 “The Secret of Photo 51” HONR217 – Tuesday Logan Miller 111076642 Freshmen History Major 2111, Denton Hall University of Maryland College Park, MD 20742 [email protected] 609-335-8091 I. 1 May 1952 – A London Lab X-ray photographs DNA
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A. Rosalind Franklin 1. Attended St. Paul’s Girls School 2. Excelled in mathematics and sports 3. Win’s a scholarship to study physics and chemistry at Cambridge University a. Introduced to new subject of x-ray chromatography b. Diffracts x-rays off molecules 4. By the time of graduation, wishes to contribute to war effort a. Research on coal led to a better gas mask b. Published 5 landmark papers and was awarded her PhD 5. Landed a research position at one of the best labs in Paris a. Perfected her techniques of x-ray diffraction b. Loved being in the laboratory – contrary to most scientists 6. Exposed to high volumes of radiation 7. After 4 years, returned to England a. Offered a position at King’s College in London b. Hired by J.T. Randall to create an x-ray diffraction unit to study proteins c. Receives a letter from Randall switching from proteins to DNA B.
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