video6 - Video Assignment 6 NOVA Ghost in Your Genes...

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Video Assignment 6 “NOVA: Ghost in Your Genes” HONR217 – Tuesday Logan Miller 111076642 Freshmen History Major 2111, Denton Hall University of Maryland College Park, MD 20742 [email protected] 609-335-8091 I. Human Genome Project
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A. Genetic Code 1. This code was expected to reveal causes of diseases and present cures 2. Was far less complex than expected a. Contains about the same number of genes as a fish has b. Did not explain human complexity 3. Chimpanzees share almost 98% of the same genes as humans B. Possibility of other factors 1. Deletion of one particular gene caused two completely different conditions a. Chromosome 15 deletions were shown to depend on parental origin b. Genes seemed to know where they came from 2. Something else must be controlling genes a. Switching them on or off 3. Genetically equivalent mice with one gene switched on explained this a. Molecule (tag) attach to DNA or grab proteins called histones to turn genes on or off b. These control gene expression through a vast network called the epigenome II. Epigenetics A. Light switch metaphor 1. This system turns genes on and off
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video6 - Video Assignment 6 NOVA Ghost in Your Genes...

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