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Video Assignment 8 “Apocalypse! The Story of the Book of Revelation” HONR217 – Tuesday Logan Miller 111076642 Freshmen History Major 2111, Denton Hall University of Maryland College Park, MD 20742 [email protected] 609-335-8091 The Book of Revelation:
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o “The Apocalypse of John” – literal title o Means revelation or “that which is uncovered” o The cataclysmic end of things Describes a future war between good and evil o Assumes a great control of the Earth by evil o Sometimes referred to as the anti-Christ o Total devastation in this war Christ’s victory will then culminate in his second return o A new heaven and new Earth will emerge Jerusalem o Flooded by pilgrimages o Return of Jews seems to be a sign of Apocalypse o Many believe Solomon’s Temple must be reconstructed This would be a restoration to prepare for return of the Messiah o Islam’s Dome of the Rock stands in the way of this reconstruction Some believe that the signs of Jesus’ return are evident o In 2000 violence in Israel escalated due to this idea Understanding Revelation o Grounded in 600 years of Jewish history o Armageddon is an actual place –Megiddo A number of important battles took place here Chariot wars o 586 BCE, King Nebuchadnezzar enters Jerusalem burns city and takes population into exile Imagery of dragons, serpents apparent in ruins of Babylon Tests the faith of the Jewish people Forces the Jewish scholars to rewrite their history and faith
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video8 - Video Assignment 8 Apocalypse The Story of the...

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