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video9 - Video Assignment 9 Origins HONR217 Tuesday Logan...

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Video Assignment 9 “Origins” HONR217 – Tuesday Logan Miller 111076642 Freshmen History Major 2111, Denton Hall University of Maryland College Park, MD 20742 [email protected] 609-335-8091 Stars are ultimate alchemists
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o Elements made in stars Billions of galaxies o Habitat for life is everywhere Steady State Theory o Assumed the cosmos had always existed and was eternal and unchanging Cosmic Microwave Background radiation helped to disprove this theory o Supports the Big Bang Theory o Discovers Penzias and Wilson Awarded Nobel Prize o Provided data for much of the early universe COBE satellite showed regions of place with slightly more matter o Confirmed the universe evolved out of the Big Bang WMAP Team o Tony, Ricardo, Eduardo o Struggle through difficulties with the telescope o Eventually able to study the cosmic microwaves Satellite eventually launched Must travel over a million miles to L2 point The Sun and Earth’s second Langrangian point Will be held in a fixed orbit by Earth and Sun’s combined gravitational forces o Able to see fine details Able to map the universe 380,000 years after the Big Bang Show peaks where super clusters of galaxies will form o As universe expands it cools At 380,000 years after Big Bang stable atoms can form Light from the Big Bang flashes free Stars lead to creation of heavier elements o Fuse hydrogen to make helium Fusion continues to make heavier elements o Increasing temperatures and pressures lead to heavier elements o Supernovas expand and expand Continue to “blow up” These overcome the “iron barrio” Create elements heavier than iron o All atoms in our body formed in stars Stars continue to enrich the universe until ability for life emerges o Other places in the universe exist similarly to our solar system o Can use atomic spectra to determine elements in other systems and galaxies o
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