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Identifying paper topics - Name: Logan Miller Identifying...

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Name: Logan Miller Identifying paper topics The purpose of this assignment is for you to identify your potential paper topics by learning more about the sources behind them. First, from the topics you picked out last week, choose two. 1) Caesar in Gaul 2) Roman Military From your work last week, list all the potential sources that you might consult for each. Be specific, identify author and specific work(s) you would want to use for your project (ex. stating Cicero’s Letters are not enough, they are grouped into different collections; identify the collection on which you want to focus). 1) Caesar, Gallic War (Stacks, DC62.C2813 1996), Tacitus, Histories (Stacks, DG286.T313 2009), Appian, The Foreign Wars: Gallic History 2) Sallust, Jugurthine War (Stacks, DG207.S4H3), Caesar Gallic War, Caesar Civil War, Appian, The Civil Wars, Appian, The Foreign Wars (All) * All available on Find these works either in the library or online, and find out about their authors and their content (all Loebs have an introduction that include both biographical information about the author and content information about the specific work. You may also go back to the Oxford Classical Dictionary). Briefly (3-4 sentences) summarize the author’s life and role in the first century BC. If you are not looking at a written source, tell me about the source (if it is a building, what is its function, where was it in Rome). 1) Caesar: A Roman statesmen and general, Caesar gained power through political alliances with powerful leaders such as Pompey and Crassus and through his military conquests in Asia and Gaul. Caesar led his army over the Rubicon River in 49 BCE and invaded Italy, starting a civil war that ended with him as dictator of Rome. He was eventually assassinated in 44 BCE by a
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Identifying paper topics - Name: Logan Miller Identifying...

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