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Thesis - EVIDENCE for 2 nd Part-The land is not given to...

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CLAIM: Caesar’s conduct and campaigns in Gaul were intended to increase his popularity, wealth, and prestige, rather than to actually conquer the Gallic people and force them to become Romans. REASON: His actions, though they show considerable generalship and military skill, do not lead to any legitimate gains for the Republic or its people. EVIDENCE for 1 st Part: 1. Caesar originally wants control of these provinces in the hope that he will gain wealth, and military honor and prestige 2. Caesar gains vast wealth and slaves after his battles 3. Caesar ensures that his army is loyal to him and that he has their respect 4. Caesar ensures his victories give him praise from Rome
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Unformatted text preview: EVIDENCE for 2 nd Part:-The land is not given to the Roman people-Colonization occurs slowly over the next few centuries-The Gauls do not immediately become “Romans”-Though slaves and some wealth flow to Rome, the majority of it remains with Caesar and his army-Who specifically was he trying to impress?-How did Caesar plan to incorporate Gaul into the Roman Empire? No mention, territory treated as past provinces have been. Tribute and taxes are exacted for Rome, slow Romanization occurs, individual tribes still govern themselves with Roman oversight.-Why did he conquer all of the Gauls? o States it was a defensive pre-emptive action; unlikely...
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