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fall2005 exam 1 part 2

fall2005 exam 1 part 2 - 14 An atom with an atomic number...

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Unformatted text preview: 14. An atom with an atomic number of 10 @ a. accepts electrons to complete its valence shell. b. donates electrons to complete its valence shell. "h" c. shares electrons to complete its valence shell. @ neither accepts nor donates electrons beams-theme: e. does not exist. 15. Select the tru_e statementfs: 3. Rough ER is involved in the detoxification of carcinogens. $mo0‘i'h F b. Peroxisomes neutralize harmfiil substancesf c. Lysomes are formed by vesicles that bud off the Golgi apparatus-l" {1. Both a and b @ Both b and c 16 Select the tru_e statementfs: mitochondria are the sites of protein synthesis F a @. synthesis of steroid hormones occur in the uooth endoplasrnic reticulumT c. perixosomes contain acid hydrolasesT d. Both a and b _ (gasse— lr= {at WEE“ lg Both b and c cilia are formed by microfilaments ifljtffllc cal N s, H flagella beat to propel substances across cell surfaces , L: . ‘ (6;) centrioles are composed of mierotubules l” 'I- ‘l 43 Ell 3' “ll-ll j? the protein actin forms the intermediate filaments ”1'. All of the above - in! a 1?. Select the correct statementfs: m‘UO‘ll‘L’Jl‘” > a. SHORTANSWEHS’ (Each question is worth 4 points) 18. Define the term “Physiology”. To: 5W a? the inflation cl body padre. 19. Indicate whether an atom with an atomic number of 10 is stable or reactive. Explain your answer. {Home lit hi} to was ant-am has l0 patent, Emu. “ll-‘5 not on lot ”it ale» has l0 demons. m 15+ slut! to: 7. some, 'll-e__ 2nd at has. the ramming 2: abet-tans. “flu 2nd shell holds (art hold 8 Clfittt‘ot‘tfl to ”ll/1o. vallmtaw, it 35 we shat “ts gametelottr Mom is very Slams: GD 20. Whatisanorgan‘? . A gout? oil 2 or MOVE d‘_ll3(cfll' J‘WES cl 'l’lSQMf'L gut WLle to cat-low. a. ricotta; mmmw to ...
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