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fall2005 exam 1 part 5

fall2005 exam 1 part 5 - Match statements in column A to...

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Unformatted text preview: Match statements in column A to column B. Write the letter of the answer fi'orn column 13 against statements in column A. Not all answers in column B will he used. Each answer in column B can be used once. Column A _ . Answer ' :GONIIIIEB: 35. htorganic compounds known as proton aoce _- tors. 36. Regulatory substances derived from arachidonic acid by the catalytic actions ofcyclooxygenase 37. Membrane junctions that prevent the separation of cells subjected to stress. fl Prostaglandins I ' Rough ER C. Acid 33. Hemolysis occurs when red blood oells are [seed in this 1 -e of solution. D. Tight junctions 39. Type of cytoplasmic organelles abudant in cells under oiu aerobic cellularreesiiration. 40. These cytoplasmic organelles are abundant in cells involved in n l a. no tosis 4]. 'l'heSc structures beat to propel the cells to which the are attached. 42. The arrangement of this type of cytoskelcton is uni - ue to each cell. . Known as the “membrane facto “ of the cell. 44. Known as the structural units of chromatin. . Known as the ribosome—assentblin_ centers. 46 The inactive form of chromatin. 1‘ “'l. . Mitochondria . Cilia . Bases . . Nucleosontes . Nucleus .-_ Lysosomes . Nucleoli .. Euchromatin pd IIIIlllliiilflhfific t * HI L)! La.) Q. Leukotrienes . H potonic '. Microfilaments . . Desmosomes . Centrosorne . Ge . Junctions s § 5' E. "E X. Centrioles Y. Nucleotides Z. Salts ' . Flagella ...
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