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1 - BSCI 201 LectureExam 2 MULTIPLE CHOICE — Select the...

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Unformatted text preview: BSCI 201 LectureExam 2 October 24, 2002 MULTIPLE CHOICE — Select the BEST answer 1. Select the Egg statementt's: a. Transcription occurs in the cytoplasm. 1). Translation occurs in the nucleus. ,c'. During transcription, the two strands of DNA act as templates. @ mRNA lack introns c. All of the above - 2. What is the anticodon to the eodon "SAC"? a. sea cut:- 1). GAO c9 CUG d. CTG e. CAG .3. Select the m statement: A grapple cuboidal epithelium is {of composed of at least two layers of cuboidal cells ,h’. adapted for protection c. the same as the mesothelium d. highly vascularied adapted for absorption 4. The endothelium is the a. simple columnar epithelium of the serous membrane /@ simple columnar epithelium that lines structures of the cardiovascular system c. simple squamous epithelial lining of the gastrointestinal tract d. simple cuboidal epithelial lining of the urinary,r system g None of the above 5. Select the 1m statementfs: The compound Mar {acinar} multicellular exocrine gland is described as having a a. straight duct with a flask-like secretory portion. _ h. branched duct with a tubular secretory portion. @ branched duct with a flask-like secretory portion. straight duct with a tubular secretary portion. e. None of the above 6. Select the correct statementl’s: Sebaceous glands O a. are simple coiled tubular multicellular exocrine glands a have the holocrine mode of secretion c. secrete a viscous. milky product on to hair follicles 9 Both a and b e. Both h and c h ...
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