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Cash Inflows and Outflows

Cash Inflows and Outflows - Dnaraiing Aetiaiiias lnyastiiu...

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Unformatted text preview: Dnaraiing Aetiaiiias lnyastiiu activities Financing fietiyitias 'S-HIE Df Dfflpflt't'y'. plant. and EQUIPMEM. rlssuanee Etf equity ISale of debt or equity securities at securities. other entities. tlssuanee et debt 'Cflllectifli'i of loans to other entities. [bends and notes}. lnfiaws lit Gash Dufl'lm n'l' Bush lip-stating latititias Intestine: activities Financing Iatiaitias -Purehase ef prep-arty, plant and equipment. -Purehase ef debt and equity securities of other entities. «Payment ef dividends. -Reciernptien of debt. +Fieaequisitiun ef capital iLuens to other entities. 51103“- ...
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