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Income Statement - Di" DEIN“ mm IHGDHE STATEMENT...

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Unformatted text preview: Di" DEIN“ mm IHGDHE STATEMENT FDR 'IHE YEAR EHIIED nessrssea 31. 211113 Sal-as Fievenue Sales $353,031 Less: Sales disseunts 3! 24.241 Sales returns and allevvanees $.42? atlases Net sales revenue 2.9?2,413 lEast at geese sets 1,952,541 Grass profit 939.3T2 Operating Expenses Selling expenses Sales salaries and eemrnissiuns Sales affine salaries Travel and entertainment Advertising expense Freight and transpartatien-nut Shipping supplies and expense Postage and statinsist-{ir Tfllflphfll‘ifl El‘ld Ir‘ltfll’l'ifl’i EIPEITSH Depresiatien D‘l sales equipment Administrative expenses Olfieers' salaries fillies salaries Legal and wefessimal services Utilities expense Insurance expense Depreciatlen at hulldhg Depreeietlen of affine equipment Statienerv, supplies and postage Miscellaneous affine expenses 303,?99 Inseme frern nperatiens 1116,1113 Iillther Revenues and Gains Dividend revenue Ftental revenue 1?1.41fl ESTA-133 Either Expenses and Leases Interest an bends and notes 126,050 Increme- b-efere heart-is tax 231.423 Income tax 55.934 Net income far the veer $ 164,439 Earnings Dal" summon share $1 "M. ...
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