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Ratios - Ftatio I Liquidity 1 Current ratio 2 Quick or...

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Unformatted text preview: Ftatio I. Liquidity 1. Current ratio 2. Quick or acid-tarot ratio 3. (amt dad“: debt ooverege ratio ll. Activity 4. Heoeivaolee tumover 5. Inventory turnover EWIW III. Profitability 1o. Eam'ngs per share 11. Prioa-aarnlngo ratio 12. Payout ratio MGovoraga 13.Del:rttototaloooata 15. Book value perm 1?.Froaoad‘rfiow Formula Currant aaoato fitment liabilities Gash. mariratabia aoomitiao. aid raoaivabias (not) melt! Iaollitioo Not oaah provldod by operators: aotivitiaa Average ourrarit liabiitieo Nat odes Average trade raoaivablas {not} Boot oi goods ootd Average inventorv Net sales Avaragetotal mats Net income Nat sales Net income Average total mete Not hme mime proieITe-cl dividends Average oomrnon atookhoidera‘ equitv Net hoomo minus proierrad dividends WIN shares mrtataodlng Market prion oiatooit m Gash dividends Nat lnooma Total debt: Total moat-a inooma baiora htaraat expanse and tat-too W Net cash provided by operating aotivitieo W Gammon atooirhoidara' aqutv Outstanding shares Net cash provided bvoparating activities - Capitaletpeocmrea - Dividantfi Purpose or Use Momma short-term debt-paying ability Measures immodlata short-term lioloitztityr iriemrae a oompmfe aoifitv to pav alt ile mm! liabiilioo in a given you from tit: operations momma liquidity of reoeivaoiee Momma liquidity of iavantorv irieeeureehoweffieienflymeieereueedto ganerateealeo Maaauraonetiocomegooeratadoyaad'rdoltarof solos Measures ovaral profitability of assets Memorize profitability oi omiora' hvaatmont Mammonatinomtoaarnadmoaohoharaol oommonotooit Measurootharatiooftl'iernariratprioaperahara toaernirigaparahara Momma peroentage oi miooe distributed in the town of oeoh deerLde Measureatheperoentageoitotal mats provided ovoraoitors Mommabiflvtomoeti'amotpavmonmae tt-reyoomoduo Mommaoompmv’s aoiitvtorepavitatotal liehilitieshagireovaarl'romita operations Moosureofltomnteodtshmwmldraoatva lithe company were liquldatod attha amounts moatedmtl'iebalmoasheet Momma the mm oi discretionary oath flow. ...
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