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SPSS Data Analysis Project spring 2011

SPSS Data Analysis Project spring 2011 - BMGT452 Market...

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BMGT452 Market Research SPSS Project SPRING 2011 IMPORTANT DATES: SPSS IN-CLASS TUTORIALS : 4/5, 4/7, 4/14 IN-CLASS TEAM MEETING FOR PART I: 4/12 PROJECT PART I DUE: 4/14 IN-CLASS DATA ANALYSIS (BRING LAPTOPS): 4/21 NO CLASS/USE AS TEAM TIME: 4/28, 5/3 PROJECT PART II DUE: 5/5 Project Description : As in the previous project, you and your team work for a market research agency that has been hired to perform market research on online dating. The survey you critiqued earlier in the semester was used to collect data from a sample of 408 college students. For this project, you will be analyzing the data in order to draw conclusions to help achieve the research objectives below. Research Objectives : This research study was designed to achieve the following research objectives: 1. Determine current awareness, interest, usage, and satisfaction levels of current online dating services. 2. Determine the level of interest in a new online dating service targeting college students and whether the dating service should be launched. 3. Determine the factors that influence interest in this new service: a. Determine whether security (body guards, criminal background checks) are important criteria considered before using an online dating service. b. Determine whether additional social events are valued by the target market and which events are most appealing. c. Determine the appropriate price for this new online dating service. Getting the Survey Data & Using SPSS: The data collected for this survey has been entered into a database that you will use to run the statistical analysis. You will need to download the data from Blackboard (right click on the file name to save to your computer). Once the file has been saved to your computer, you can open the file through SPSS (it will only open in SPSS). To perform the statistical analysis for this project, you will have to use SPSS statistical software, one of the industry standards for data analysis. You can gain access to the SPSS software, if you didn’t get it with your textbook, by using SPSS in the computer labs in Van Munching or logging on to the R.H. Smith School Portal ( https://portal.rhsmith.umd.edu/login ) or via the SPSS website you can get a trial version that can be used for 14 days only. Note : The version of SPSS that comes with the textbook doesn’t work on Macs. If you have Vista, you may need to install a patch to use SPSS. See Blackboard for the instructions on the patch.
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