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Sample Statistical Problems For each problem, identify your hypotheses, calculate the test statistic and draw a conclusion. Answers are provided in a separate document on Blackboard. 1. The president of a local furniture store had promised store managers a bonus of 8% if the average weekly sales per sales associate was significantly greater than $300. A random sample of 12 stores yielded the following results. Perform the appropriate test using an alpha of .05 and determine whether managers deserve a bonus. Store Weekly sales per sales associate 1. $320 2. $230 3. $400 4. $450 5. $280 6. $320 7. $380 8. $280 9. $420 10. $360 11. $440 12. $320 Ho: Population mean weekly sales per assoc. less than or equal to $300 Ha: Population mean weekly sales per assoc. greater than $300 s (sample standard deviation) = 69.7 Standard Error of Proportion = 20.14 Tcalc = 2.49 Tcrit (alpha = .05, d.f., 11) = 1.796 Reject null. Give the bonus. What is the amount of sampling error for this problem? Sampling Error = 39.47
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2. A sampling of the past 42 years indicates that there is a correlation of .45 between the weather we have in the D.C. area during the month of April and the weather we experience in the summer months. Test the significance of this correlation using an alpha of .05. What does the result tell you about what our weather will be like this summer? What is the probability of making a Type I
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sample_problem_set_answers - Sample Statistical Problems...

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