Market Research SPSS Project

Market Research SPSS Project - M a rket Research SPSS P...

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Market Research SPSS Project: Part I I Brendan McCusker, Zahir Surmawala, Chris Sanford, Jared Lindenberg May 5, 2011 Whitney - Sect: 0101 I pledge on my honor that I have no given or received any unauthorized assistance on this assignment Table Of Contents Descriptives Appendix Q12) D1-D4 Executive Summary (1/2-3/4 Page) Background and Methodology (1/2-3/4 Page) Findings (3-6 pages) Reccomendations (1-2 Pages)
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Limitations (1 Page) Biased questions are present throughout the survey. With question 8, the phrasing of the question “How important is it that all members pass a criminal background check prior to being allowed to join the online dating service?” invites answers that show a biased skew to the positive. In addition to providing a scale for which a question doesn’t need it (it was changed to a Yes/No response question), the question should be changed to “Do you think it is necessary that members of this service have a background check?” It’s a simpler, more direct, and more unbiased question that will hopefully lead to a more accurate response. The same holds true for question 9. A few questions include language that does not best fit the college-aged audience the survey is seeking, for example - questions 1 and 6 seek to ask about a “concept,” which is unnecessary as the questions would make much more sense if they addressed the main idea
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Market Research SPSS Project - M a rket Research SPSS P...

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