Lessons from the Cases

Lessons from the Cases - Lessons from the Cases Google...

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Lessons from the Cases Google Important of Innovative Thinking in an Organization o How innovative thinking can be fostered Operational controls must not be sacrificed at the altar of innovative thinking Beware the insular arrogance and cult of genius o It can alienate customers, suppliers, the media, local to federal governments Starbucks A strong commitment to CSR is not incompatible with a growth mode Market saturation is not the kiss of death, and can be changed A visionary has to be a door to be effective Beware the reckless drive for growth “Success is not entitlement” Boston Beer Price-Quality perception o High price strategy with a unique product offering can be successful and attract less competitors, but may also attract fewer customers Challenge of the Right Approach to growth Keep the breakeven point as low as possible, especially for new ventures o Contract breweries to keep fixed assets low to make a profit sooner Importance of maintaining quality For investors, consider the risk of IPO o Wait for public enthusiasm to calm down before taking a stake in a new enterprise Cola Wars Consumer taste is fickle
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o Brand image is usually a more powerful sales stimulant Don’t tamper with tradition Don’t try to fix something that isn’t broken Don’t burn your bridges o Don’t replace old coke with new coke, but have both Consider the power of the media o Publicized the outrage toward new coke
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Lessons from the Cases - Lessons from the Cases Google...

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