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The Marketing Game Instructions for Sending and Receiving Reports Spring 2011 Select one member of your team to be the person who is responsible for emailing your marketing game plan to us each week. This person is the “primary contact” person. Each week, the contact person will email us your plans. Your work is due on Saturday at 7:00 pm. If we do not receive your work by then, we will use your files from the previous week. When emailing us, simply attach the appropriate encrypted file. For instance, attach the file called PlanA1.TMG. If you have saved it on your C drive then it will be located like this - C:\Program Files\TMG\TMGPlan\PlanA1.TMG Also send a screen shot of your decisions. While this is not necessary for us to run your decisions, it can help us to check whether the .TMG file has the decision levels that you intend. Please note, do NOT send us the proforma files (i.e. ProforA1.txt). We do not need this to run the game.
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Unformatted text preview: • When emailing us, the contact person should use the following format for the subject of the email: Team A1 Period 1 Plan • So we can send the results to each member of the team, the primary contact should type each team member’s email address on the cc list . We can then easily “reply to all” and you will get your own personal copy of the output. • So you can view and print using any computer, we will not send you the encrypted version. We suggest you view and print your results in “Word” so the columns line up properly. • Our goal is to email you the results by Wednesday. Please view and print your results before coming to class on Thursday. You will be given class time on Wed./Thurs. to work with your team. So please come prepared. • Email your work to MBA graduate student Debbie Wagenberg. Her email address for this project is [email protected]..
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