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Unformatted text preview: The Marketing Game! - Student Software Version 3.0 The Marketing Game, 3rd Edition The student software for the 3rd edition of The Marketing Game consists of the follow items: * TMGPlan - the main student software, which allows you to create or modify marketing plan decision files, view and print (password protected) company reports, and evaluate a pro forma (estimate of financial outcomes) for one or more marketing plans you are evaluating. * TMGftp - a program that automates student uploads of TMG plan files and downloads of encrypted report files, which may or may not be used depending on the situation at the school and the instructor's preference. * TMGTutor - a program that plays full-motion videos (with narration) that demonstrate how to use the different features of the TMG software, * The online, context-sensitive help files for these programs System requirements ------------------- * Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, or Millenium Edition * A monitor with screen resolution of at least 640 x 480 (resolution of 800 x 600 or above and 256 color or more is recommended for best results). * The TMGTutor program requires a CD-Rom drive and a multimedia PC (i.e., with sound card and speakers). * Memory requirements - approximately 3 MB of RAM beyond what is required to run Windows (so should run even on systems with minimal RAM) * Disk space needed - approximately 5 MB required for software and data files * Printing of plans and pro forma statements requires a printer with graphics capability. * TMGftp is designed to work on a computer with an Internet connection (for example, via a dialup modem or network connection) or one which is directly networked with the host (FTP server) computer. If a student's own computer does not have Internet/network access, the program is designed so that it can be run from a floppy disk (without installing it) on a computer that is connected to the Internet (for example, a computer in a computer lab). License Agreement Installation and/or use of the TMGPlan software is subject to the terms of a license agreement. The license agreement is displayed before the software is installed. Please read and observe the agreement. The essense of it is that you are entitled to use the TMGPlan software if you own a copy of the third edition of The Marketing Game text; however, you are not authorized to redistribute the software to others. Some of the new features for this edition ---------------------------- * An easy-to-use, Windows-based user interface. * Autorun installer automates the setup of the software on your harddrive as soon as the CD-Rom is inserted in the drive; there is a floppy drive installation option for those who do not have a CD-Rom drive (see note below). * Creation of a default setup environment file (called Plandef.CFG) to hold the default industry, firm, game level, and directory for TMG files, so that these are automatically established when the program starts. * Extensive online and context-specific help facility * Multimedia tutorials and the TMGTutor program. * Integrated viewing and printing of pro forma statements, plan files, and reports * Creation of password-protected plan files and report files, encrypted using a 128-bit encryption key. * Products sold by competing firms are now related to voice recognition technology. * Improved handling of removable media, including support for Zip disks. * Upload and download of files over the Internet via the TMGftp program. ...
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