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CCE09072010_00000 - 5 REPORT EXPERIMENT 3 EQUILIBRIUM 6 5...

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Unformatted text preview: / 5 REPORT: EXPERIMENT 3: EQUILIBRIUM 6% 5 DETERMINATION OF KEQ FOR AN ENZYME CATALYZED REACTION Name: «MW-W Sfi Date ExptPerforn-ied: 3M” m: a Lab Partners: g Q @332, W Sec #mLab TA ME: 84% Honor Pledge: I pledge, on my Sonar, that i have neither given, nor received. any unauthorized assistance on this assignment. Signed: Date: flzfl 0 = Calculation for Sample 7: ,3? mt:— -£ ‘Dvm =EL00‘51 Follow the guidelines for making plus as o utlined in the lab manual introduction. L/’ Hg) ...
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