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CCE09072010_00001 - Roshan Shah Zuliang Shen CHEMZ'IZ 28...

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Unformatted text preview: Roshan Shah Zuliang Shen CHEMZ'IZ 28 April 2010 Data Analysis: 1 . .V' ' Lab 4E Data Analysis ,4/ Kyle’s stomach hurts because he took four aspirin pills that his roommate bought over the internet. He takes four ' s because a dosage of two pills is not enough to get rid of the ache. The Internet aspirin sh 1d have the color change earlier than the Bayer brand, because t solution of methanol and aspirin. As the titrant is added, there should be a olor change because of phenolphthalein. Now I know the amount of sodium 113 droxidc no cdcd to titratc theD ”aye or aspirin. Then I have to titratc Kyle’s aspirini Again, I will know the amount of sodium hydroxide needed to titrate the aspirin by the pink color change. With the two volumes of sodium hydroxide needed to titrate each pirin and the amount of acetylsalicylic acid in the Bayer aspirin, I can determine the a ount of acetylsaljcylic acid in Kyle’s aspirin. The Bayer aspirin titration experiment is the control experiment because the table came with a known amount of acetylsa cy acid. The active mgredient, acetylsalicyhc acid, is also given. 14a.— ”’9‘?” l 6? See attached sheets The active ingredient in Kyle’s aspirin is ac of Kyle s aspirin and the Bayer aspirin b ed on the titration curves. I divided Kyie’s aspirin by the Bayer aspirin and th tiph'ed by 500. That was in milligrams so I divided by a thousand to convert th mass into grams. This shows that acetylsalieylie acid is the main ingredient 111 both aspirin tablets. The mass of the acid in a 500 mg tablet of Kyle’s aspirin would be .249 grams. The conversion is below. The mass was about half the weight of the tablet. Some errors I were possible in the experiment could be incorrect volume read‘ g of the buret, c putational mistakes with the pH meter, and the volume at which th color ese are all potential mistakes; however I feel that my group was fairly‘ error- osage to feel the alleviating effects of th . ’ in Kyle‘s aspirin causing the precipitate to: form as the sodium hydroxide was added. ...
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