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MUSC 130 Spring 2010 Listening Journal We all have our favorite music—it's the music we like the best, with an important caveat: it's music to which we've been exposed. Our opportunities for exposure are as varied as our tastes ultimately become, but the latter are governed by the former. A “Survey of Music Literature” implies a journey through hitherto unknown realms, and we of MUSC 130 would like to be your guides. To this end, we have compiled a list of musical examples for you to listen to each week and write about in a Listening Journal . Because the world of music is contiguous through time and space, all of these selections relate importantly to the subject-matter of the course, whether they serve to reinforce, illuminate, or foreshadow it. We will assign approximately one hour of music per week, spread over four selections; we would like for you to write a paragraph about each, recording your thoughts and impressions while using,
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Unformatted text preview: inasmuch as possible, terminology learned in the course. Grading will be based on (1) having done the assigned listening—and we will be able to tell—(2) cogency of expression, and (3) apparent understanding of terminology. The listening journal will be due in six essentially bimonthly installments as follows (tentative): 2-5 2-19 3-5 3-26 4-16 4-30 (all Fridays) The listening assignment will be posted each Wednesday evening on the Blackboard site (the first one will be posted by 1-27), in the form of permalinks to Naxos Music Library, a streaming music service to which you all have access through the university. Each selection is worth 3 points, for a total of 12 per week, 24 per handed-in installment, and 144 for the entire semester. Listening Journal assignments will be included on the listening identification lists for quizzes and exams....
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