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MUSC 130 – Spring 2010 Review Sheet for Midterm Examination Chapter 4 melody interval scale contour disjunct vs. conjunct sequence augmentation diminution motive modulation tonic and dominatn Chapter 5 texture monophony heterophony polyphony homophony oblique motion counterpoint imitative counterpoint strict imitation free imitation nonimitative counterpoint harmony chord tertian harmony quartal harmony cluster cadences authentic cadence plagal cadence Chapter 6 strophic form modular forms ab aab (German bar form) aba (ternary form)
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Unformatted text preview: binary form rounded binary form verse and refrain rondo continuous variations free-strict pairing recitative and aria prelude and fugue fugue subject episode sonata form exposition development recapitulation symphonic poem compound form Listening CD tracks 27-31; 34-37 from journal: Copland, Appalachian Spring Beethoven, Symphony No. 5 In addition, keep in mind the Quiz 1 review sheet; the midterm is cumulative (except for the listening)....
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