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MUSC 130 – Spring 2010 Review Sheet for Quiz 1, to be held on 26 February 2010 Terms and Concepts affective response kinetic response program music absolute music quotation (in music) Leitmotiv castrato Sprechstimme European Classification System (strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion) Sachs-Hornbostel Classification System aerophone chordophone membranophone idiophone idiom transfer parameter Edgard Varèse John Cage prepared piano 4'33''
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Unformatted text preview: pulse (beat) tempo Lento (slow) Andante (at a normal walking pace) Allegro (fast, brisk) Presto (faster than Allegro) accelerando (example on CD track 13) meter simple duple meter simple triple meter compound duple meter compound triple meter additive meter time signature syncopation Listening CD tracks 14-19 from listening journals: Berlioz (week 1); Stravinsky, Symphonie of Psalms third movement (week 3)...
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