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Author Title Abell, Walter The Collective Dream in Art Adams, Henry Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres Adams, Laurie Schneider A History of Western Art Adams, Laurie Schneider Art Across Time Adams, Laurie Schneider Art Across Time Volume II Adams, Laurie Schneider Looking at Art Adams, Laurie Schneider The Methodologies of Art Adams, Laurie Schneider World Views: Topics in Non-Western Art Addams, Jane Twenty Years at Hull House Allen, Brian ed. Towards a Modern Art World Allen, Virginia Jean Dubuffet: Drawings Alloway, Lawrence Topics in American Art Andrews, Wayne Architecture, Ambition and Americans Aranson, H.H. History of Modern Art A History of Private Life: Volumes I through IV Arnheim, Rudolf Visual Thinking Arnold, Tomas W. Painting in Islam Baigell, Matthew A History of American Painting Balazes, Bela Theory of the Film, Character and Growth of a New Art Barker, Virgil American Painting Barrett, Terry Interpreting Art Barrow, R.H. The Romans Barter, Judith A. et.al. Mary Cassatt: Modern Woman Bascom, Williams African Art in Cultural Perspective Battcock, Gregory The New Art Greek and Roman Art Baur, John I.H. Revolution and Tradition in Modern American Art Greek Sculpture and Painting Bell, Clive Art Bell, Julian What is Painting? Bemis, Albert Farwell The Evolving House, Volumes I, II, and III Berenson, Bernard Italian Painters of the Renaissance Berenson, Bernard Sunset and Twilight: From the Diaries of 1947-1958 Berger, Maurice The Crisis of Criticism Native North American Art Berman, Morris The Twilight of American Culture Thought Forms Besse, Jean-Paul Senlis dan L'Histoire Biddle, James American Art From American Collections Biebuyck, Daniel Tradition and Creaivity in Tribal Art Bindman, David Encyclopdeia of British Art Ming-Ch'ing Blake, Peter Frank Lloyd Wright Aries, Philippe and Georges Duby Batterberry, Michael and Ariane Ruskin Beazley, J.D. and B. Ashmole Berlo, Janet C. and Ruth B. Philips Besant, Annie and C.W. Leadbeater Blair, William McCormick et.al.
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Bloom, Harold The Anxiety of Influence Bloomgarden, Richard The Easy Guide to Yucatan Mexixo Blunt, Sir Anthony Artistic Theory in Italy Blunt, Winfrid Cockerell Boardman, John Greek Art Bolton, Richard Culture Wars Bony, Jean Bowie, Henry P. Japanese Painting Bowness, Alan Modern European Art Boyle, Richard J. Cecilia Beaux: Portrait of an Artist Boynton, Homes ed. The Beginnings of Modern Science Branner, Robert Chartres Cathedral Braudel, Fernand The Identity of France, Volume II Briggs, Asa The Nineteenth Century Briggs, Asa William Morris: Selected Writings and Designs Brilliant, Richard Arts of the Ancient Greeks Broude, Norma Impressionism: A Feminist Reading Feminism and Art History The Expanding Discourse Brown, Carter J. et.al. Brown, Milton W. Brucker, Gene A. Renaissance Florence Bryson, Norman Vision and Painting Bryson, Norman ed. Visual Theory: Painting and Interpretation Burchard, John Bernini is Dead?
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