Additional Policies of Rebekah Higgins2

Additional Policies - Additional Policies of Rebekah Higgins I am one teacher with many students all of whom I want to succeed You have my

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I am one teacher with many students all of whom I want to succeed. You have my commitment to help you do that if…you are actively working, doing homework and attending class. You must be doing enough work for me to have something to talk about with you to help you. Having only blank paper to talk about doesn’t help either of us and I won’t spend the energy to engage with that. I do however understand that people may have many things and issues going on in their lives and I am here for you to talk to me about the things in your life that may be hindering your ability to get your work done, be here, etc. I will do this without judgment in an effort to help and advise you, but if you’ve missed too much you may need to understand that my advice may be to for you to drop the class and take it again at a time when things are better for you. This will not harm your G.P.A. if you need to do this and there is no shame in it. If the problems change direction within the first 4 weeks of the semester we may be able to salvage the course. Everyone starts out expecting to be able to succeed and well, sometimes life just gets complicated. I check my e-mail once a day as I am in class or with students. I am here M-Th and I do not check e-mail on the weekends anymore as I maintain my own active studio practice in order to continue to be a good and relevant teacher for you. I will get back to you but may not get back to as soon as you like. Have a support system and network of other students to go to. I am going to describe some rules below and I will verbally go over examples and scenarios as to why they are in place. I am going to do it in a humorous and playful way, but I am serious about them rules! It is OK for one to want to know why a rule is in place. As artists tend to be rather subversive types and mistrusting of rules that have no meaning…and that’s good, keep it up! I want you to understand the meaning. Despite the old adage that there is no such thing as stupid question, actually there is. By stupid questions I mean unthoughtful questions that prevent me from being appropriately available to all students. I don’t have time for the following stupid questions because I am actively helping students who are engaged with me and their classes: -After missing a class, e-mailing or even worse showing up in the next class and saying, “Did I miss anything important?” I will answer that now, Yes! We meet 3-6 hours every class, I think it could be safe to assume that you will be missing something important, even if that is active practice time. -If a student is failing or otherwise doing poorly because of attendance or missed work … Can I do extra credit or something? Answer, No.
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Additional Policies - Additional Policies of Rebekah Higgins I am one teacher with many students all of whom I want to succeed You have my

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