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COURSE SYLLABUS Course: Intro to Computer Art Course Number: Art 150 Professor: Rebekah Higgins Semester: Spring 2010 Office: M2-18 Office Hours: TBA Phone: 215 751 8298 e-mail: [email protected] Department Website: Become a fan of the Art Department @ Community College of Philadelphia on Facebook! Overview The course is an introduction to visual problem solving with graphics software as the medium. Studio projects emphasize the development of visual ideas, basic design techniques and principles. The format is studio/lab in nature, with instruction and demonstration preceding hands-on equipment use. Teaching Philosophy/Classroom environment I like to facilitate rather than dictate the course as much as I possibly can with the understanding that I do have to evaluate your work as part of my responsibilities. I attempt to work with you in a conversational and participatory style and provide honest feedback, information and direction, but you ultimately make the course for yourselves and each other. I am here to demonstrate, set criteria, assign projects and deadlines, help with technical issues, provide feedback and facilitate critiques. You have my commitment that I will always make my best effort to be fair, helpful and appropriately available with a wholehearted desire to see each of you succeed and that I make judgments on how to spend my energy with that desire in mind. Professional classroom behavior is…
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Being here and being here on time. Being prepared for each class with materials, assignments and information needed regardless of any missed classes or lateness . I repeat, regardless of any missed classes or lateness . Take that in, really take that in. If for illness or other circumstances you miss a class you will need to obtain notes, handouts and homework assignments from another student in class , not from me . This ultimately cuts down on redundancy and allows me to utilize my skills to be of better service to you . And it is also how it works when you transfer, so please get used to it. Please exchange contact info with others in the 1 st class so that you can be prepared. (If you are late) Waiting until I have finished talking, demonstrating, critiquing and then quietly ask another student what’s up, if this can be accomplished during break as to not disturb others all the better. Keeping all your handouts and getting a copy from another student if you lose one. (If I or anyone else is talking to the class) Always stopping any other conversation and waiting to resume it until we are finished. Work must be shown in person, I won’t discuss work with you on the phone or via e-mail; you must come to my office during office hours or during class (discuss issues before the project is due), so we can look at the work together. The potential for miscommunication increases exponentially when we are not looking at your project together where I can point, circle etc., so I won’t do it, please don’t ask. If you miss 2 or more consecutive classes, try to have
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Art150 syllibiFL08 - COURSE SYLLABUS Course: I ntro to...

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