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Rebekah Higgins bio faculty show - in it afterwards. Maybe...

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Rebekah Higgins Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Fine Artist, Teacher, Photographer and really good cook. Formally: studied at Pratt Institute, majoring in Computer Graphics and post baccalaureate studies at “The Passalaqua School of Drawing and Illustration.” Informally: studies everywhere. Right now she is learning a lot from her dog about being present, connected and in the moment in the world and her work. One can both enjoy making a mess and rolling
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Unformatted text preview: in it afterwards. Maybe share it with others afterwards, maybe have a bath. Rebekah works with typography often and her most recent obsession is creating illustrative words or phrases with handcrafted Spenserian letters. Making sure no two are exactly alike and then refining and composing them in a digital environment....
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