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1 | P a g e COURSE OVERVIEW AND TOPICS Course: Drawing 1 Course Number: Art 105 Professor: Rebekah Higgins Semester: Fall 2010 Office: M2-18 Office Hours: TBA Phone: 215 751 8298 e-mail: Overview Drawing 1 is an introductory studio art course. It is a perceptual drawing course, meaning that through careful observation we learn to draw what we see. It will be one of the most challenging and rewarding classes you have ever taken. The kind of drawing we do in drawing 1 and 2 at CCP is called analytical drawing or construction drawing. You will be taken through a series of skill building exercises that logically build upon one another culminating in the ability to figure out how to construct a believable, volumetric line drawing of anything you can observe and measure. Yes, I said anything! It will still take problem solving, but you will have the tools to figure things out. We will also introduce you to working with tone. You will be asked to produce in class drawings and homework assignments for critiques. Students will also be given a “quiz” every two weeks. They will draw without assistance from the instructor for the first two hours of class and must demonstrate a command of the topics acquired in the previous weeks. Quizzes will have to be made up if a class is missed. Every student must demonstrate specific exit criteria to pass the course and be admitted to Drawing 2. While all topics will be covered the schedule is subject to change according to the pace of the class. Topics Week 1: Perspective, boxes, line quality, ratios and measuring, placement on the page Week 2: Perspective, boxes, line quality, ratios and measuring, ellipses, placement on the page Week 3: Tables, chairs and complex cube forms Week 4: Ellipses, Cylindrical forms Week 5: Cylindrical Forms in perspective
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2 | P a g e Week 6: Shoes and irregular volumes Week 7-8: Complex still lives with box like forms, cylindrical forms, tables and chairs, mid-term reviews Week 9-10: Perspective Interiors or Landscape Week 11-13: Introduction to tone. Still lives in 3-5 tones. Week 14: Final critique and reviews. Teaching Philosophy/Classroom environment I like to facilitate rather than dictate the course as much as I possibly can with the understanding that I do have to evaluate your work as part of my responsibilities. I attempt to work with you in a conversational and participatory style and provide honest feedback, information and direction, but you ultimately make the course for yourselves and each other. I am here to demonstrate, set criteria, assign projects and deadlines, help with technical issues, provide feedback and facilitate critiques. You have my commitment that I will always make my best effort to be fair, helpful and appropriately available with a wholehearted desire to see each of you succeed and that I make judgments on how to spend my energy with that desire in mind. Professional classroom behavior is…
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Syll Draw1Fall2008 - 1|Page COURSE OVERVIEW AND TOPICS...

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