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To Youth Media participants 2011

To Youth Media participants 2011 - Hello I t was a pleasure...

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Hello, It was a pleasure meeting all of you today at The 2011 Youth Film and Media Conference. As an artist/ educator I really enjoyed hearing about all of your personal works and businesses and experiencing the synergy or art, education, communication and community building. It was a long day however and difficult to take in and retain all of the wonderful people and things they are doing from the conference, so I wanted to ensure we kept in touch and continue to explore ways in which we can help each other. I am repeating my brief intro here and asking if you could reply in kind so we remember each other-- I am Rebekah Higgins, Graphic Artist, Illustrator, Printmaker and Professor of Art and Design at Community College of Philadelphia. I do a lot of outreach for the art department and maintain an active fine arts practice. I also think it was fortuitous for me to have met so many filmmakers today, because as a personal project I want to pursue making two documentary films and have zero experience in this area. I am getting in touch with Scribe,
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