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American Art Schedule - Wednesday April 14 th Group...

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In the development of your papers, utilize me, Dr. Cohen, the writing clinics/tutors, English department and each other. Pace yourselves and get as much feedback as possible. Friday, April 2 nd : Outlines Due Monday, April 5 th : Bob Paige, guest speaker, Outlines Returned Wednesday, April 7 th : Group Discussions in Preparation for Seminar and start of individual meetings with Rebekah to discuss papers. Friday, April 9 th : Seminar (You should have a rough draft of your paper by this time) Monday, April 12 th : Submit rough draft to Rebekah, Guest Speaker and individual meetings with Rebekah to discuss papers.
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Unformatted text preview: Wednesday, April 14 th : Group Discussions in Preparation for Seminar, Rebekah meeting with Dr. Cohen. Friday, April 16 th : Return of Drafts, Final Seminar Monday, April 19 th : Paper Completed. Discussion of how to present your papers. Wednesday, April 21st: No formal class, individual scheduled meetings with Rebekah. Friday, April 23rd: Presentation of Final Papers, location TBA. Papers returned by April 30 th with grades either accepted as is or you may exercise the option to rework your paper....
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