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Liz recommendation - Dear Sir or Madam Without reservation...

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1/21/03 Dear Sir or Madam: Without reservation, I strongly recommend Elizabeth Heller for the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Transfer Scholarship. She is a highly talented evolving artist, with maturity and academic ability to match her talent. She is a very thoughtful and well-rounded person with diverse academic and personal interests, which is reflected in her design work. Elizabeth is the kind of student that the entire art faculty speaks of with delight. We all smile when speaking of her or seeing her on our rosters as she is a pleasure to work with and contributes to everyone’s class experience. Not only is she a strong talent and independent worker, but she is a leading citizen of the class, enriching the group’s experience through her thoughtful critiques and influencing others through her work ethic and exemplary artwork. Elizabeth Heller earned an “A” in my Color Design course and she is currently enrolled in my Graphic Design 1 class. My experience of Elizabeth is of a highly soulful and intelligent person. She produces work
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