Printing disscussion - Color and Reproduction This class...

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Color and Reproduction This class period will be spent with discussion and examples of color as it relates to printing. We will use the computer as a tool to help visualize and clarify some of the technical aspects of working with color for print design. There are two main methods for laying down colored ink on paper, Spot Color and Process Color. Spot Color is when specific colors are premixed and then laid on paper one by one. Spot colors are usually chosen through a color matching system, the most common is The Pantone Color Matching System or PMS Color. The Pantone System always for color consistency from print shop to print shop. For example: If I was to go to one printer and ask him/her to print my logo in Red and then I go to another printer and ask them to print my logo in Red, I might wind up with 2 very different Reds. How could the printer possibly know what Red I want? The matching system places a numeric value on each color. Each color has a specific mix of inks, like 60% Red to 40% Blue (like you have been asked to do with your paint mixes). This is like going to the paint store, selecting a swatch and asking for that particular color to be mixed. Then the color is laid down, as is. Fig. 1 Each color is separated out and printed out in black and white (actually black and transparent, positive/ negative onto film). This is like a stencil. Each color is then burned onto a metal plate through a photographic process. The plates
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Printing disscussion - Color and Reproduction This class...

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