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Unformatted text preview: Gary Washington I had Gary in my Art150 class. Gary missed some classes in the beginning of the semester, but aside from that he was present and a hard worker. His portrait projects were particularly well done I think and he approached some of his projects thoughtfully. A couple of his projects seemed a little rushed, such as his stamps. He used photographs directly from the internet, which I stressed not to do and then wound up having to rework them quickly to meet the requirements of the assignment. Misunderstandings like that seemed to thwart some of the progress Gary was making. He is very quiet and I feel needs to speak up and ask for more feedback form the instructor and the class before getting too far into a project. I think Gary is a capable student, but with a slightly inconsistent performance this semester. Ronold Yerkov I had Ron for both Black and White design and Art150. Ron was often tired and very overworked for the first half of the semester and his work suffered. The latter half of the semester I believe Ron had less work first half of the semester and his work suffered....
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