Syll Draw1 and 2 updated - Instructor: Rebekah Higgins...

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Instructor: Rebekah Higgins Course: Drawing 1 Fall 2006 Office M2-18, 215 751 8298 Office Hours: TBA This and other course related documents can be found at under student resources (#6). Drawing 1 is an introductory studio art course. It is a perceptual drawing course, meaning that through careful observation we learn to draw what we see. You will be asked to produce in class drawings and homework assignments for grading and critiques. You will have a homework assignment every week which you are expected to spend at least 6 hours on. Homework is due every class, unless there is a holiday or other schedule changes. Students will also be given a “quiz” every two weeks starting at week 3. They will draw without assistance from the instructor and must demonstrate a command of the topics acquired in the previous weeks. Quizzes will take from 1.5 to 3 hours. Quizzes and homework will have to be made up if a class is missed. The schedule of topics below is subject to change. The instructor will provide verbal instructions regarding any changes. Drawing 1 class start date 9/5/06 Topics Weeks 1-3: Perspective, boxes, line quality, ratios and measuring Weeks 3-6: Ellipses Tables, chairs, Ellipses, object groups, complex still life Weeks 7-8: Complex still lives, mid-semester reviews Weeks 9-13: Complex still lives, introduction to tone, value scales and still lives in 2-3 values, large scale full tone still lives. Weeks 13-14: Organic Forms, complex ellipsoidal Forms, large studies, final reviews Quiz Days Tue Sept. 19 th , Tue Oct. 5 th , Tue Oct. 17 th , Tue Oct. 31 st , Tue Nov 14th, Tue Nov 28 th Assignments There will be 8-13 homework assignments and 7 quizzes in addition to drawings completed or started during class time. Please neatly maintain all of your work from the semester. CCP final Class date 12/11/06 Monday Drawing 1 final class date 12/05/06 12/12/06-12/18/06 finals/review week All Art majors who have completed 6 or more credits in studio art (2 studio classes are required to attend a scheduled final review with the art department faculty during finals week. Instructor availability: My office is M2–18. Office hours are TBA and will be posted on my door. My office phone number is 215 751 8298. e-mail: (this really is not the best way to reach me)
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Studio/Classroom Policies The Art Department at Community College of Philadelphia is one of the strongest and most successful two-
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Syll Draw1 and 2 updated - Instructor: Rebekah Higgins...

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